DVD On Fire! The hottest Bellydance DVD ever

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DVD On Fire! The hottest Bellydance DVD ever

Performance DVD

Bellydance Superstars Ansuya, Jillina, Rania, Aziza in hun wervelende, spannende buikdans shows!
1. Ansuya "Sallam Alay" (Egyptian Saidi)
2. Jillina "Daret Al Ayam" (Classical Egyptian)
3. Tamra-henna "Henna Ya El Henna" (Egyptian Balady)
4. Rania "Hilwa Laaba Di" (Egyptian Balady)
5. Aziza "Gana Al Hawa" (Classical Egyptian)
6. Ansuya "Luxor Baladna"
7. Jillina "Wahashtini" (Classical Egyptian)
8. Tamra-henna "Balady" (Egyptian Accordion Balady)
9. Rania "Cycle of Life" (Egyptian Percussion)
10. Aziza "Sawwah" (Egyptian Classical)
11. Jillina "Tahtil Shibbak" (Egyptian Balady)

"The ancient art of belly-dance is well known for its unparalleled sensuality and arresting sense of rhythm. With this release, audiences who may never have witnessed belly-dance in its purest form can finally understand the full impact of the dance as world renowned dancers Ansuya, Rania, Tamrahenna, Aziza, and Jillina display a variety of different styles while moving to some of the most popular belly-dance music around. With eleven individual dances showcasing such styles as Egyptian Saidi, Classical Egyptian, Egyptian Accordion Balady, and Egyptian Percussion, this release is not only intensely sensual, but informative and entertaining as well." ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

Another Fabulous Compilation of Dynamic Performances Featuring Jillina, Tamra-Henna, Rania, and Aziza. Through Their Diverse Styles, They Perform to Some of the Most Popular and Authentic Belly Dance Music.