CD Al-Medina - Upper Egypt Ensemble

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CD Al-Medina - Upper Egypt Ensemble

Egypt has been known as one of the world's great musical cultures for over 2 millenia, and today many ancient and special types of music are preserved there. One such genre, Madeeh, music honoring the Prophet Mohammed and the Holy City of Mecca, is a unique style that blends lyric songs with traditional Egyptian dance rhythms. Usually heard in villages during holidays and the months of Ramadan and Moled, this music has the purpose of allowing the people to remember and honor God through these upbeat and happy rhythms in song and dance.

  1. Ya Hana (5:41)
  2. Ya Madad (5:21)
  3. Salou Ala Naby (6:36)
  4. Ya Haajja (7:27)
  5. Ana Khatiri La Ya Zooyyooroo (11:01)
  6. Yalli Zoorti Al Naby (8:01)